Independent, not lonely; motivating, not boring

Preparing tons of orders every day is actually motivating at Gordon! You’ll build confidence and precision skills, and you’ll be at the heart of our success.

We believe in you, and we show it!

A warehouse job can be more enriching than you think. As part of a dynamic team, you’ll be trained for different roles to use different machines, you will work in a safe environment, and you’ll actually want to come to work! Basically, we believe in you and we want you on our team!

Gordon believes in you!

  • A good salary is the minimum; let’s talk about the perks

    Keeping you motivated is our priority. To prove it, we recognize your efforts in dollars with payouts and bonuses offered during the year, not just at Christmas.

  • You give us your talent, we give you the tools to succeed

    We don’t expect you to perform from day 1! We give you coaching, help you get comfortable and let you work up to your best performance, no stress.

  • This is not your average warehouse: it’s way better!

    Say goodbye to dark, cramped, dusty spaces! You’ll feel so much better working in an environment that’s clean, spacious, well lit, organized and maintained.

  • We have true team spirit. We’re always ready to help!

    Benefiting from the experience of others lets you grow with people who know exactly what you’re going through.

  • We think you’re more productive when feeling at your best!

    We offer you working conditions that prioritize your safety and your mental health. If you’re feeling good, then we can talk productivity.

  • Welcome to our warehouse… and your future!

    We invest in your talent, and you invest in a stable job that can take you far. The warehouse is a starting point, let’s talk about your future.

The future you’ve imagined? It starts now!

Our employees, the best source of feedback

Fun, recognition and challenges: our employees tell you why their day-to-day lives are far from boring.

Your next job, is to build your future!

We’re not just a team, we’re a family. You’re not just an employee, you’re someone who shares our vision of the future. Interested?

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