Be the hero of your future!

A new chapter in your career, or the start of your professional life? Whatever your level of experience, we’ll help you build and use your skills.

How about a job where everyone is treated equally?

President, office clerk or customer service coordinator: we are all human beings and we ALL can contribute to the future. At Gordon, that’s not an empty promise.

Your talent in exchange for a fun work environment? Yes!

  • Leave your mark and take your place as of your first day

    We give you the opportunity to use your skills, discover new ones and build your leadership…truly.

  • Growing as a person and employee, it really is possible

    If you have ambition, we want to hear about it and share concrete growth opportunities with you.

  • Success is built as a team, not alone

    Your team will be there to support you, guide you, celebrate your wins and help you build the foundation of your own self-confidence.

  • Don’t miss the train: get on board and learn how to drive it!

    Take advantage of moments of growth to take on new challenges, learn, and get ahead. There is nothing more motivating or satisfying.

  • This all sounds great, but what about the money?

    You give us your talent and your time, we give you a generous salary, bonuses and job security to encourage you to stay with us for a long time. Pretty simple, no?

  • Work autonomously, while feeling supported

    You’ve got team spirit, but sometimes you want to be in your own bubble? We get it, and we want to offer you the opportunity to give your best, always.

Your future is not alone: Your future is with us

Our employees, the best source of feedback

Fun, recognition and challenges: our employees tell you why their day-to-day lives are far from boring.

Your next job, is to build your future!

We’re not just a team, we’re a family. You’re not just an employee, you’re someone who shares our vision of the future. Interested?

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